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Bruno Mars' 3rd Album - What We Know So Far!

Bruno Mars Talks "24K Magic" at 95.5 PLJ

Pop, pop, it’s SHOWTIME!!

Pop Music Sensation and suave, sultry Crooner, Bruno Mars’, 3rdAlbum is set to hit stores in just a few days on November 18th, 2016!

Naturally, and as is only to be expected when concerning the mega-Star, supreme Fans of the silky-smooth Singer – self-labeled Hooligans – have closely followed Bruno over the past, nearly 2 years when he first announced his plans to begin writing an all new Album in January, 2015, while on the Ellen Show.

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson on Ellen

A tedious trek, to say the least, for most of Mars’ loyal Hooligans who have lovingly waited out the time period while their favorite Artist had more or less withdrawn from the Music Scene and society all together!

Still, finally, and at long last, it would seem every Hooligan's patience is about to pay off in a VERY big way, as the HIGHLY anticipated moment that Fans have been begging for has all but arrived!!

Dropping small but nonetheless daunting hints and teases along the way, Bruno seems to have remained particularly careful of late to keep the excitement hopping amongst his Wait-wearied Fans, offering some extremely gratifying glimpses, during the last several weeks, as to what his once more elated Fan-base can expect from his latest Recording venture … and I gotta say, it’s totally working!


Yup, just like pretty much the rest of the whole planet, we’re really not sure these last– albeit,very few!– days can possibly pass quickly enough!!

… An-n-nd like most of Mars-obsessed listeners, All About Bruno has happily whittled away its long hours scrapping together all the pieces of vital information that plainly predict what a Funk-TASTIC event this newest release will be!

Here’s What We Know So Far:

01. This latest Album release will mark his FIRST in 4 years.

Marking his first new Album release in nearly half a decade, Bruno reveals his genius behind the creative writing process, and how hard he strives for that just-right, Mars vibe!
“A lot of times … I turn the radio on and I’ll listen to what’s goin' on and I’ll go the opposite way!  … It’s somethin' I wanna feel.  There’s, like, a groove, or a pocket, or a swing … that I personally wanna feel and I try my best to come up with something.” 
-         Caison and Cane, 

“I wanna just write great songs … and, hopefully, no matter what trend is in … I’m hopin' that my song will cut through.” 
-         TheBert Show

Bruno Mars with Kristin Klingshirn on The Bert Show

02. The Album is entitled 24k Magic and is the FIRST and only Album to feature a self-portrait of Bruno as part of the Album’s Cover.

24K Magic's official Album Cover

03. We ain't seen nothin' yet!

Bruno Mars, with his new album still being days away from release, has already had not one, not two, but THREE smash successes!

His first new Single release was the album's title track, “24k Magic”.

Video courtesy of Bruno Mars'
official YouTube Channel

His second, “Versace on the Floor”.

Video courtesy of Bruno Mars'
official YouTube Channel

And, of course, we absolutely cannot forget his fabulous debut of “Chunky” on SNL!

Video courtesy of Dennis Oliveira's
official YouTube Channel

And, according to Bruno, the good times are only just beginning when it comes to this latest Record!

“I just can’t wait!  … the first Single [24k Magic] is really the appetizer … once you start setting into Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – that’s when the real magic begins!”

04. This latest Album by Bruno will mark the FIRST Release to have included only 9 new Songs from the Singer (Previous Albums, Doo-wops and Hooligans and Unorthodox Jukebox both included 10 Tracks each, not incl. any bonus tracks.),  and will feature no other Recording Artist (As was the case for his 2nd Album, Unorthodox Jukebox).

The first – and really ONLY! – insight into his recent Record to have received some negative feedback from Fans, Bruno explains the shortening switch-up and how his – understandably! - Mars-hungry Hooligans needn’t feel the least bit slighted!

“A lot of people don’t understand that all the Records that I do … that’s me playing piano on “When I Was Your Man” [Unorthodox Jukebox], that’s me playing guitar on “Locked Out of Heaven” [Unorthodox Jukebox], drums on “Uptown Funk” [by Mark Ronson] … I’m in there!  …It’s not going to a Studio and working with a producer that [has already] got a bunch of Beats that I pick from.  I’m writin' and playin' and it takes me a little while longer than I wish it would.  … but … you get every piece of me in every Song.  … Also, if I can’t get you with 9 Songs, I’m not going you get you with 19!” 
-       95.5, PLJ

Bruno Mars at 95.5 PLJ

05. Every Track listed on the Album – including its concluding Single, reportedly entitled, “Too Good to Say Goodbye”!! – has distinct purpose and pre-planned, categorized levels of enjoyment.

Introducing the Mars Movie!!  Pleased about the 9 Tracks or no, Bruno discloses if you’re into film, you’re into this Record!… And as for his first released Single, “24k Magic”?  Why, that’s merely the opening credits!!

“With this Album … I wanted to make a movie, a real movie!  … I told myself , ‘We’re gonna have a Screenplay … and were gonna work to that!’  … If you listen to Doo-wops and Hooligans or Unorthodox Jukebox, you know [that] I'm a student of music, I love music!  So, I’m gonna write whatever the Hell I wanna write in the Studio … we got a Reggae Song, we got a Ballad, we got “Locked Out of Heaven”, “Treasure”, [it’s] all over the place!  But … if I could tell myself, ‘I’m shooting a movie.’, then I need the ‘Opening’ to, you know, let everybody know what time it is!  … And that [specifically] was 24k Magic –the Opening to the movie!  
-         Interview with 
       Zane Lowe
Bruno Mars' interview with Zane Lowe

06. Videos are – Most Definitely!! – forthcoming.

So, can we expect some more new and amazing Music Videos to arrive in the wake of Bruno’s exciting Album Release?!  Yes, we can!!  As the Artist himself enthuses,

“Oh, man!  Absolutely!”

07.  ... And so is a Tour!!

Funk, YEAH!!  Plans for an all-new, Mars-velous Tour are ALREADY in effect; and, I can't tell just who is closer to losing their minds with excitement over it:  Us, the fans or Bruno?!!

“This Album, I couldn’t be prouder about! - I can’t wait to go on Tour with it, I can’t wait to do the Shows and open for the AMAs [American Music Awards] … it’s everything I wanted!” 
-         104.3,MYfm 
Bruno Mars on 104.3 MYfm

“The Tour is coming very soon … I guarantee [that] I’ll be touring in 2017!  And when you hear this Album, you’re gonna be like, ‘Oh, yeah!  He’s touring!’ “ 
-         The Bert Show

07. It’s. Bruno’s. Best. Album. Yet!!
“Don’t look too hard, might hurt yourself!”   Bruno exclaims that his latest Record is also his GREATEST Record!!
“This Album – Can I just say it?! – This is the best Album I’ve ever done!  Out of all three of ‘em, this is the one!” 
-         97.1 AMP Radio

Well, “Sh*#” !! If Bruno’s New Album is even HALF as good as its three, (TERRIFIC!) already-released Songs, I'd say that Christmas is coming early this year!!

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