Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bruno Mars' Highly Anticipated 3rd Album!

On January, 2015, while on the Ellen show, Bruno announced that he would be disappearing for a while.

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson on Ellen

He said, "I wanna start my third record ... I think I'm ready to go back in."

"How long?", Ellen asked,  "Like a year, two years?"

"Until it's done", answered Bruno. " 'Uptown Funk' is doing what it's doing and it's [his 3rd album] got to be just as good if not better, right?

Bruno Mars' interview on Ellen

Naturally, following this announcement, I was completely bummed about Bruno's 'disappearing';  but also, super (freaking!) exited about his third album!

In any case, there was nothing to be done at that point, except to wait (Weeell ... "wait" and listen to "Uptown Funk" over and over! Seriously, I can not get enough of that song!) ... Annnnd wait and wait! ... More waiting (and checking around every other day) ... MORE waiting … "Is it here yet?"?!!

Weeks had turned to Months, and all without so much as one peep about his promised third album, when, FINALLY, in August 2015, Bruno took to twitter and sent out the simple message 
<Shrieking with joy!!>

(Okay, okay, so certainly less than I was hoping for; but hey!  I'll take it!!)

Then, some more dreary, Bruno-less Months passed (4 plus to be exact) with even the New Year coming and going without a word concerning his new album; and, right around the time when we, the Fans, had started to wonder "Bruno! Dude! What about your third album?" (And it's not that we're being impatient, am I right? ... We just can't wait  to hear more of your music, Bruno! … Nope!  Not being impatient at all …), Bruno tweeted on Jan.10th, 2016,  "I'm on a mission. I'm Obsessed to make an album I'm genuinely proud of. Stick with me hooligans. I'll get there. Love Brunz"(

(Awww!! So sweet … and now we were feeling genuinely guilty for being SO impatient! )

Well, we knew it all along, Bruno! ... Right, guys?

In an article from Billboard back in February, Bruno's Engineer, Charles Moniz, was quoted as saying, "I think we've [sic] very close, ... it's going to be the next movement of Bruno".(

(<Ahhhhh!>  So excited!!)

In that same article, it was revealed that Mark Ronson had stopped by the studio (#whaaat!), but there has been no confirmation (of which, I am aware) that Mark will be on Bruno's third album.

In an article by musictimes.comBruno's Dad, Peter Hernandez, was quoted as saying, "It [Bruno's third album] was due in March, but by doing the Super Bowl, it threw him back several months, ... Bruno has seven great new songs - I've heard 'em - but the album should now be released in September or October, to qualify for next year's Grammy Awards." 

"... next year's Grammy Awards." (Funk, yeah!  Now we cookin' with hot sauce!)!! … Good one, Peter!  I like the way you think, dude!  I like the - way - you - think!!

September or October are mere Months away! Oooo, I'm so excited!! I absolutely cannot wait for Bruno's third album!!!

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