Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bruno Mars and Missy Eliot in the studio! ... WTF?! ...(Get it?)

Missy Eliot tweeted this picture of Bruno and her "@ the studio!"  ... #whaaaaaat?!!

Bruno Mars and Missy Elliott

Missy also sent the following pic and caption, via Instagram...

(Does this mean a soon-to-be-enjoyed Bruno Mars/ Missy Eliot Collaboration?  'Cause I gotta say, that would be pretty funking cool!!)

Within the Post's Caption, Missy said that Bruno played her some " ... songs 4 his album ... " and that they were "#INCREDIBLE!"

… "Shawty, what?!"

Oh, c'mon now, Bruno!  First your Dad (Peter Hernandez) and now Missy Eliot??  Just WHEN do we, your loyal - and only slightly obsessed - Fans, get to hear your new songs as well, hmmm?!!

We're dying' here!

Nah!  Just kidding! … We're totally cool waiting.  

(Nothing but patience here. Yep, yep, yep …)

But, uh, just casually wondering, it IS still coming out in September or October, right?


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