Thursday, April 28, 2016

More About Bruno ... Did you know?

Bruno Mars holds the record of being the youngest Elvis Presley impersonator!

Young Bruno Mars impersonating Elvis Presley!


"You were actually the youngest Elvis impersonator?", Bruno was asked during an interview.

"The ill-est I like to call it. ...",  Bruno replied;  "Straight up, four years old in an Elvis suit, straight up!",  he said laughing. 

"Look at him now ... ", chimed in his best friend, Phil Lawrence, "now he's sayin' 'made it!' ... No more rhinestones! We good!".

In this clip (below, at the bottom of post) you can actually see "little Elvis" at the age of four sitting with his dad (Peter Hernandez) during an interview with Jonathan Ross.  When Jonathan asked, "Can you tell me ... how long you've been performing as Elvis?", 4 year old Bruno answered, "Since when I was two.".

Two years old?!  Good grief!!

"What do you like about Elvis?" Jonathan had further queried, to which the "Baby" Bruno had promptly replied, curling his lip like Elvis would do, "I like his singing and his dance and his lip!" 

Bruno mars at the age of four with Father, Peter Hernandez

In an Interview with Piers Morgan a now fully grown (and, of course, Fully Famous!) Bruno recalled a time when, as a child, he wasn't able to perform ...

"I remember one night I had a hundred and some odd fever, I was about 5 years old ... and my Mother wouldn't let me perform and I was bawling all night! ... I had to call in sick that night and I didn't get to put my jump suit on!"

Bruno Mars' interview with Piers Morgan.

In that same Interview, Bruno continued on to disclose just how much he had enjoyed performing as Elvis, sharing, " ... We had this show six nights a week at the Sharaton Waikiki so, it was me going to school, and then at night I'd turn into Batman!"  

<Batman voice> "I'm Elvis" ... get it?
 instead of "I'm Bat ... " oh never mind!

Young Bruno Mars impersonating Elvis Presley!

In 2012 Bruno was, once again, interviewed by Jonathan Ross. During the Interview, Bruno revealed how it all had started.

"My father had a group called 'The Love Notes'," he explained, "it was like a 1950's rock & roll show.  And my Uncle would do the Elvis impersonation in the show, which was my favorite part when I was a kid.  So, every night I'd be front row and I'd be begging my dad 'bring me up on stage!'; and, finally, one night he brought me up! ... And here I am!"

Bruno's interview with Jonathan Ross

Well, hooligans, that wraps it up for now.  Be sure to keep checking back for more fun facts, stats, stories, quotes, updates and general info … all about Bruno Mars!

Also, check out these videos (2) below to see Bruno's interview with Jonathan Ross (4 Year old Bruno's interview at 3:27), and his interview with Piers Morgan, Courtesy of biffycat0791 's official YouTube channel and CNN 's official YouTube channel!

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