Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bruno Mars On CW's Jane The Virgin!

In a total "What the funk?" moment, Bruno Mars made a surprise guest appearance on Monday Night's Season 2 finale of CW's Jane The Virgin!


Regarding his appearance on Jane The Virgin, Bruno sent out the following tweets( 

"SURPRISE!!" indeed!

(For those of you not up to date on
Jane the Virgin you may not want to
read any farther!)

Bruno shows up, as himself, at Michael and Jane's Wedding reception, singing his song, "Rest of My Life"!

Bruno Mars on CW's Jane the Virgin!

Talk about your (well, mine anyway) fantasies come true!

  • I've Always wanted to see Bruno show up on one of my TV Shows!


  • I love, love LOVE the song "Rest of My Life" but, (I think) Bruno recorded it an awfully long time ago when he was younger and he sounds quite a bit different than he does nowadays; so, I've always hoped that he would sing it again so I could hear it in his current voice/style.

Check, check!

All around, it was an amazing moment!

Very Cool, CW, very cool!

Check out the clip below to see Bruno singing "Rest of My Life" on Jane The Virgin!, Courtesy of Andrés Baez's official YouTube channel!

P.S. Don't miss Phil Lawrence's appearance near the end of the video!

Phil Lawrence On CW's Jane the Vigin!

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