Monday, May 30, 2016

Close, But No Billboard!

Aw, nuts!

Well, Hooligans, another year, another Billboard  Music Awards.  ... No win for Bruno though and, can I just say, not only does that suck (!), but, it's CRAZY as well!  The nominations were for "Uptown Funk" ... Hello?!  Duh!  It should've been a shoo-in!!  Like I said, "nuts!"

Oh, well.  Whatevs!  What do they know, anyway? ... <Drumming Fingers> Still bummed, though.

On a bright note, apparently, not winning did not stop Bruno from enjoying the festivities!  Ever the consummate good sport, Bruno took to twitter and commented on Rihanna's Performance ... (

Bruno also tweeted that night (while still maintaining that classic sense of humor of his) ... (  

... And you ain't the only one, Bruno!

Well, hooligans, that wraps it up for now.  Be sure to keep checking back for more fun facts, stats, stories, quotes, updates and general info … all about Bruno Mars!

Also, check out the video below, to see more great PICS of Bruno, courtesy of bruno-mars fanpage 's official YouTube channel!

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