Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bruno's Funky Fourth of July!

Well, Hooligans, another year, another July Fourth!

Anyone know what this blog's namesake is doing this Fourth of July?  Well, me neither!

Bruno's been as quiet as a mouse for the whole of the month thus far!  That is, if we're not counting that lovely (not!) cryptic Tweet on July 2nd that has the entire Hooligan world asking " 'Just know WHAT??! '  ( ... <ahem> ... (sorry!) Please, Bruno, no more encoded tweets, hmm?  You're killin' us here!

Anyhoo, did you know (betcha didn't) how The Brunz celebrated last year's Independence Day?  ... I don't think I could do it justice to simply tell you;  I'd have to show you (I've got to, I've got to show you ... get it?) ... 

"All up in the yard like what"


"All up in the yard like whip"


"All up in the yard like Nae Nae"


That's right. hooligans!  Last year, Bruno was invited to The White House to perform his first ever USO sponsored concert!!

IKR?!  Is that funking amazing (just the way it is) or what?

Needless to say, the night was a complete success!  ... Duh!  

"What a night."


"What a night", indeed!

On performing at the White House, Bruno Commented, 

"It was an honor to perform at the Fourth of July concert at the White House.  It was incredible to stand with the First Family and the USO to recognize the service and sacrifice of our troops and military families."

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