Thursday, April 28, 2016

More about Bruno ... Did you know?

There is an Alternate Official Video for "The Lazy Song" that stars, none other, than Leonard Nimoy!

Leonard Nimoy in Bruno Mars'
"The Lazy Song" Alternate Official Video

Yes, you read that correctly, Leonard (funking!) Nimoy!!

This Video is brilliant and sooo very funny!  … It's almost better than the original!  ... < thinking about the 'original' that
 does have Bruno dancing through it >

Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song" official music video.

 ... Well, almost!

This Hooligan/Trekkie-dream-come-true rendition of this Video showcases Nimoy all the way through to the end, although Bruno and Phil did manage to make one small appearance!  They ( Bruno and Phil) can be spotted pushing a shopping cart out of the store just before Leonard goes in!

Bruno Mars and Philip Lawrence' cameo in
"The Lazy Song"s Alternate Official Music Video

The tiger painting behind Leonard in the last scene of the video ...

Leonard Nimoy in Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song" Alternate Official Video

... is the same painting that's behind Bruno ( and the rest of the Smeezingtons ) in a live chat that he did in "the studio in California" (2012). 

The Smeezingtons L-R: Ari Levine, Bruno Mars, and Philip Lawrence.

 ... Coincidence? ... I think not!

In closing, let me say, this video is perfectly hilarious from beginning to end; and, if you haven't seen it yet, you should totally check it out, below!

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