Friday, November 4, 2016

This Again? Really?!

Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars 

So, apparently (although I, myself, can’t find out if this is actually happening or not), Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars are facing a possible lawsuit because  “Uptown Funk” sounds “similar” to the nuh-uh-we-totally-did-that-first-Collage Band’s song, “Young Girls”.

According to Pitchfork (and other sources), the Band’s complaint states that their 1983 (I’ve never even heard of it before) single, “Young Girls”  sounds “strikingly similar” to the Mega-hit “Uptown Funk” 

IF the two songs are “played in [sic] consecutively”.

This whole thing is ridiculous.  REALLY ridiculous
And I, for one, am getting pretty funking fed up!!

<Drumming fingers impatiently> Let me put this as nicely as I possibly can …

Of course the two songs sound “strikingly similar”!!!

No argument! (None needed!!) … It’s called a GENRE, you fame-less, envious, nit-wit, has-beens!!!

… And this particular genre is (Stay with me now!) called “FUNK!!

How exactly can YOU claim – and, better yet, PROVE - that this sound is unique and exclusive to only you and your song?!

If you don’t know the answer, I’ll tell you … You CAN’T!

Did you invent “Funk”?  Are you its origin??  Did it all begin and end with you and your song??!

(I think we can all agree that) Thankfully, NO, it did not!!

(See “Ladies Night” by Kool & the Gang,  from 1979 - four years before Collage’s song ever came out, and about 50 or more other examples from the late 70’s and 80’s with that exact same “Funk” sound!!!)

DONE!  Case closed!!  The End!!!

If you need any more help, Bruno, just give a call, we’ll be here!

What the funk?

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