Friday, November 4, 2016

Bruno Mars Performs “”24K Magic” on The X Factor UK!

What up, Hooligans?

You all know by now that Bruno Mars performed his smash single “24K Magic” on The X Factor UK this week and, of course, killed it!!  Loved, loved, loved the performance, Bruno! 

There’s no video for it yet (that I can find).  I know, sucks, right?  However, thanks to my favorite they- keep-up-with-everything Bruno MarsUpdates’ official twitter page, there are some pretty spectacular pictures of the event! –

Bruno Mars performing
"24K Magic" on the X Factor UK

Bruno Mars performing
"24K Magic" on the X Factor UK

Nice pics, dude!

The performance was, obviously, fabulous, as ever!  And, on the whole, received great reviews and feedback!

But, unfortunately, there’s always those so-called fans that never fail to bring those one or two ridiculous - in my opinion - “critiques” to the table.

Specifically, that of, according to, certain “fans” suggesting that Bruno “mimed ” the performance, while others were quite put out by the singer’s choice of fashion.

<Rrrrooollling eyes and letting out a disgusted sigh>
Concerning the whole “miming” statement -

  1. Bruno Mars (to my knowledge) does not lip synch.
  2. If he did … So?! … Your point is?
  3. He didn’t (in my opinion).  So, enough already, please!

Concerning Bruno’s choice of style and his wearing of white shorts ( about which the Mega pop star tweeted, “#scandal” – hilarious, Bruno!) -

  1. I know that, in the UK, if tea time isn’t perfectly on time - Let alone if someone should wear shorts “after British Summer Time” has ended! – that it seems that the whole of the “stuffy” isle across the pond is in an uproar with the general sentiment of “that simply won’t do!” ...

But, I gotta ask, guys, do we really care what Bruno Mars wears when he performs??

I mean, he always looks fabulous and very cool - don’t get me wrong!  But, personally, while I’ve loved everything he’s worn so far, I don’t care if he shows up in his housecoat and slippers just as long as he brings (and he always does) that killer performance and sings his heart out!

… What he wears?  
Bruno, dude, make yourself happy – so far, it works!

(But hey!  Maybe that’s just me!) 

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