Friday, November 4, 2016

Bruno Mars Premieres New Song On SNL!

Bruno Mars and The Hooligans perform
"24K Magic" on SNL (10-15-16)

For those of you that caught Bruno's performance on SNL (10-15-16), you know that he, once again, killed it! ... I mean really killed it in that ridiculously smooth and cool way that only Bruno could!

For those of you that didn't, (dudes, why not? #KeepUp!) you seriously missed out!

Bruno Mars and The Hooligans perform
"24K Magic" on SNL (10-15-16)

And not just on his totally satisfying funk-tastic live version of  “24K Magic” but also on the no less than thrilling debut of yet another kick-ass-smooth-vibed-groove-alicious knockout of a single, "Chunky"!

Bruno Mars debuts new song,
"Chunky" on SNL (10-15-16)

I mean, we were all hoping that he would give us another new song (I know, so spoiled already!  Don’t blame us, Bruno!  Your music is so killer that we simply can’t get enough!) and, as always Bruno, you did not disappoint!

Hooligans, am I right about it?

As an interesting note that, once again, points out Bruno’s seemingly never ending genius – It was actually Bruno’s idea to come from back stage.

Bruno Mars and The Hooligans perform
"24K Magic" on SNL (10-15-16)

He recently revealed in an interview with SiriusXM Morning Mash Up ,
“I begged ‘em! … I understand that SNL keeps the integrity of that show, that’s a very iconic stage … That was my fourth time performing on SNL so I asked them, I said,  ‘You guys mind if I try to do something and come from backstage?  I think people will get a kick out of that, seeing the way the show works.’  And, you know, they’re the Best!  And every time I go there they show me nothin’ but love.  And I just thought it was fun! ”

Those of you that missed it (or maybe you’re just dying to see it one more time!), don’t trip!  Check out the two videos below and see both of Bruno Mars’ performances on SNL!  Courtesy of Bruno Mars' and Dennis Oliveira's official YouTube Channels !

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