Saturday, March 19, 2016

The “Cold”, Wet Blanket! ...


Like any one of Bruno Mars’ super fans (#me... duh!), I have been (since September, when I first heard these rumors) loyally checking almost every, single day for any kind of News and/or Confirmation concerning my favorite Artist and his rumored appearance at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show (and believe you me, I am sooo NOT that much of a social media person!).

… Fast-forward through a few nail-biting months (Seriously, my Nail Beds will never be the same!), throw in some terrifying rumors revolving around One DirectionMaroon 5, and (Inevitably!) Taylor Swift, then cap it all off with more sleepless nights than can be deemed fair, and I find myself in the beginning of January; with blood-shot eyes gaping at the very confirmation I've been so tirelessly searching 
for, via Super Bowl 50's Wikipedia page: Bruno Mars will be performing at Super Bowl 50!!

(<Delighted Squeal being gradually drowned out by an imaginary Fanfare!> Ooo, I know, right??  It’s gonna be so EPIC!)

However, within that same, seemingly PERFECT paragraph (… “seemingly”!), it was additionally confirmed that, while Bruno is indeed performing at Football’s highest anticipated Halftime Show (!!), Bruno would not be headlining “Football’s highest anticipated Halftime Show” …

<Fanfare quickly dying out … Crickets' songs beginning to take over> … What the funk?!!


Coldplay to headline, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!

This totally (TOTALLY!!) sucks!

I mean, no offense, I guess, to any Coldplay fans out there or anything (and BTW, what ARE you doing with your lives?!!); but, this IS a Bruno Mars Blog after all; and well, as a crazed, Brunz-ed fan, I feel that the afore mentioned forum entitles me with the complete and total right to comment, <Ahem!> THIS IS CRAZY!!!

Has anyone else out there even heard any of that Coldplay slosh they have the nerve to call music?? … And you’re replacing Bruno’s brilliance with THAT?!!


But hey!  Not all is a cold, mood-damping, English drizzle! …Beyonce will reportedly be there as well; and, from what I can tell, performing with the “Queen B” seems to have been a longtime dream of Bruno’s, so I am definitely a little more than stoked about that … as is - I’m sure - Bruno!

Yes, Hooligans, in the end (despite a certain, shiver-inducing, Headliner!) it looks like this Super Bowl is going to be absolutely amazing!! …  Well, the Halftime Show will be, anyway … I have no idea how the actual game will be ... Heck!  I can barely remember who is playing!

Believe it or not, I have little to NO interest in Football … unless Aaron Rodgers of Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers is playing (and I'll even make an exception for Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks); but otherwise, the Football sport, as a whole, holds positively zero interest for me! … Until now.

Now, Hooligans, it’s a whole different ballgame! ... Get it? 

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