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Bruno Mars Takes Home Grammy For Record Of The Year!

Bruno Mars wins Record of the Year!

It's about Funking Time!

February 15th, 2016 ...

It was the end of the night at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards; and, once again, the time had come to see who would win the biggest, most sought after award of the night, Record Of The Year.  

Beyonce presenting the award for 
Record of the Year at The 58th Annual 
Grammy Awards!

Beyonce (!!) herself took the stage to present this prestigious award to one of these five nominees:

"Uptown Funk" - Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

"Really Love" - D'Angelo and the Vanguard

"Thinking Out Loud" - Ed Sheeran

"Blank Space" - Taylor Swift

"Can't Feel My Face" - The Weeknd

<Whew!> What a lineup!

My tension level was, of course, ridiculously high!  

I was going through all the normal (for me, anyway) seriously-stressed-out Stages of Emotion:  curled up in my chair, clutching my blanket  (and my poor little dog!), holding my breath, biting my nails, curling my toes!

"And The Grammy goes to ... "

This is It!  The Big Moment!! <thinking to myself> "Oh, I can't take it. Why is it so funking silent?!  (For my own sake, I should just turn my TV off and Google it later.) Ugh, why isn't Beyonce saying anything?! Who is it?  Who is it?!"

 ... then, suddenly, the silence was broken and the tension was put into high gear as the ever-confident (nerve shattering-ly so at this particular moment) Bruno Mars shouted from the audience, "Let's go, Beyonce!  Let's do it!  Let's do it!" 

Bruno shouting from the audience,
"Let's go, Beyonce!  Let's do it!  Let's do it!" 

Well!  If I wasn't stressed before I was certainly falling apart then (Thanks for that, Bruno!)!! <thinking to myself> "Yeah!  Uptown Funk is totally gonna win! ... Wait a minute, it will win, right?  'Cause if it doesn't, at this point, that's gonna be really really bad!  C'mon, Beyonce (echoing Bruno's request) Let's do it!  JUST SAY IT ALREADY!!"

Then, in a moment that seemed almost to good to be true, a moment that we hooligans have been waiting for since November 2014, Beyonce read, "Uptown Funk!" 

Yyyeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!   < leaping up from my chair, jumping up and down, keeping a firm grip on my little dog (who does not like it when I jump up and down) >Yes!  Yes!  YES!!

I mean, c'mon, this has been a long time coming!

For starters, the song completely missed the 2015 Grammy Awards! ... Granted, that was due to the fact that the song was released on November 10th 2014, which placed it just outside of the "eligibility year" (October 1st, 2013 through September 30th, 2014).  Nevertheless, it was aggravating.

Then came the following (notable) award shows, The Billboard Awards, where it was nominated one time (Top Digital Song), The MTV VMA Awards, where it was nominated five times (Best Direction, Best Collaboration, Best Pop Video, Best Male Video, and Video of the Year.), and The AMA Awards, where it was nominated two times (Collaboration of the Year and Song of the Year).  All together that's eight nominations.  And, while Uptown Funk should have been a shoo-in for each of these awards, it only won one (VMA for Best Male Video)! 

One win out of eight nominations??!!  

What the funk, people?!

Uptown funk is one of the coolest, grooviest, can't-help-but-move-to-it songs ever!

It's been called "The official song of 2015"!

It is (in my opinion) one of the biggest, most notable songs of this decade (at least!)!!

It's tied (with artists such as Elton John, Black Eyed Peas, Witney Houston, etc,) as the second highest spot for "Most Weeks At Number One" on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart!

And suddenly people started treating it like the McDonalds to Taylor Swift's Burger King (That is to say, The absolute best; but, for some reason people won't say so)!! 

<slowing breathing, calming down> I'm just saying, Uptown Funk! is absolutely deserving of this award and I'm just so super-freaking psyched that it won!

Also, "Record Of The Year" (while the most important) wasn't the only Grammy that Uptown Funk took home this year.  Uptown Funk Also won the Grammy for "Best Pop Duo/Group Performance"!!

After the Grammys ended, an elated Bruno sent the following Pic (below) on his Instagram page ( with the caption, "WE DID IT!!!!"

Yes, you did, Bruno!  You certainly did!

Check out this video (below) to see Bruno's Grammy win and acceptance speech at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, Courtesy of CBS 's official YouTube channel!

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