Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bruno Mars Confirms His Super Bowl 50 Appearance!

Bruno's (Long-Awaited)

Confirmation of His

Super Bowl 50 Appearance

Is Here!!

What up, Hooligans?

So, I would guess that you’ve all heard by now that, according to Wikipedia, the one and only Bruno Mars, while not headlining, will be performing live at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show as part of a three-prong extravaganza that is also set to include fellow Artist, Beyonce, and which WILL be headlined by Coldplay (… So STUPID, but whatevs! … At least the Brunz is coming!).

Now, this latest bit of information, albeit terribly (TERRIBLY!) exciting, was ONLY found via Super Bowl 50's Wikipedia page and, being of rather a cynical nature (and a COMPLETE and total Bruno fan … atic!) I have since been, relentlessly, searching through any and ALL other Media Outlets at my current disposal for any kind of additional confirmation (no matter how small!).

Well, as fellow Bruno Fans, it probably comes as no great surprise to any of you that, despite weeks of scanning COUNTLESS articles and a regrettable amount of mental downloads containing more Sports information than I honestly would have cared to gain in an entire LIFETIME, I came back up with Zilch! … Nada! … Nothing! … A total Bruno BUST, if you will!

(Certainly a Discouraging Endeavor, to say the least!)

But now, (FINALLY!) the very confirmation that I been so desperately looking for is here!!

 (And it comes, mind you, from the very BEST Source!) …

… Bruno Mars HIMSELF has (via his Instagram page ) commented on the subject  …

"Mars Has Landed"

“It ain’t a party if Mr. $how Up and $how Out doesn’t show up.
#Confirmed #SB50 #Halftime #Coldpaly #Beyonce #TheBrunz #Shwaaaggg"

ALRIGGGHT!!  Now we are talking, Bruno!!

(<Ahhhhhh!> I cannot WAIT!)

I mean, not only does this latest Tweet go through the trouble of PERSONALLY (<Delighted squeal!> … Sorry!) confirming Bruno’s 2016 Super Bowl performance; but, it also maybe hints that, while there,  he will be stylin’, wilin', and living it up in the city (… or Stadium, in this case!) while singing “Uptown Funk!”!!

<Clapping hands together while jumping up and down> WHOO-HOO!!  Yeah, you go, Bruno!  Funk ‘em up!!

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