Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bruno Mars Nominated For An Emmy?

What up, Hooligans?

Anybody else hear this rumor about Bruno being nominated for another Emmy?  

Well, apparently, @KathyNicholas tweeted saying:

"Uptown Funk on Ellen has nominated for an Emmy!!! @MarkRonson @BrunoMars so awesome! Congrats guys!!" (

And @BrunoMars tweeted back:

"That would be awesome to win. Then I can go by that young Emmy award winning Brunz... Ya Feel me doe?"  (

Now, personally, I haven't been able to find any other source to confirm this yet; but, it would be really cool if it were true!

Honestly, in my, albeit biased, opinion, every version of Uptown Funk that Bruno has done so far is (some kind of) award worthy! ... 

Bruno Mars performing "Uptown Funk"
on SNL!

Here's Bruno performing one of my favorite
versions of  "Uptown Funk" on The Voice!  The man
showed up in curlers!  What's not to love?!

Bruno Mars is "too hot!"!  They really did 
have to call "the fireman"!

... Duh!

And the particular performance in question, the one that he did on Ellen (barring his most recent Super Bowl 50 performance) was his coolest and funkiest yet!

So, here's hoping this exciting rumor turns out to be true; we'll have to wait and see! ... Hopefully not for too long, though ... I mean, "There's only so many songs I can sing to pass the time."
"... Ya Feel me doe?"

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