Monday, December 12, 2016

It's A Boy! Phil Lawrence Announces Arrival of New Baby!

🎶He's havin' a baby!  His baby and he!🎶

(Get it?  Anyone? Anyway!)

Well, that would certainly explain his absence from The 2016 Victorias's secret Fashion Show AND the iheart Radio Jingle Ball (on Dec 2nd).

<Whew!> Phil, dude, warn us next time!  You had me worried for a moment there, wondering "Where's Phil?" and hoping it was nothing serious ... but, come to find out, it was - seriously wonderful, that is!

(I know. I know.  That was seriously cheesy!  but, c'mon, hooligans. It's a baby!  Allow me a bit of cornball this once!)

Phil Posted a pic on Instagram to announce the joyous occasion himself! ...

Meet Zeppelin Journey Michael Lawrence! Born on December 2nd, 2016! ...


What up, Z-man?  Love the blankie, btw! 😉

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