Monday, December 5, 2016

Bruno Mars New Music Videos!

Hooligans, " wha's happenin' !"

Bruno Mars has recently revealed plans for some new music videos!!

"So go'n and get to clappin' !"

Bruno Mars' interview with Eoghan

During an interview in Ireland (Thank you, Bruno Mars News for posting the clip!), when asked what was next for the singer, Bruno replied, 
"...I gotta start putting some new music videos together for the new singles ..."

<Aaaahhh!!>  Yes, Bruno!  

Can I just make one teeny tiny request?

If you're gonna make some new Videos, please, please pleeeease do one for "Perm"!!  Oh! And "Chunky", of course! Oo! Oo!   And "Straight Up & Down"!  And don't forget "Versa ... " ... actually, would you mind terribly just making a video for the 8 remaining songs?  Hmm?  Please?

What?  I can dream can't I?   

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