Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bruno Mars to perform on SNL This Weekend (10-15-16) !!

Bruno Mars stars alongside Emily Blunt
in an official SNL promo

What up, Hooligans?

You guys hear the exiting news?

Bruno Mars is set to perform as SNL's musical guest this Saturday (10-15-16)!

This marks Bruno's 4th appearance on SNL- the first being in 2010 as a musical guest, the second in 2012 as Host and musical guest, and the third in 2014 (with Mark Ronson) as a musical guest.

I wonder what he'll sing ... Some new songs, perhaps? ... Oooh!  So exciting!!  I can hardly wait!

However, while we're stuck doing just that, check out this promo for tomorrow night's (10-15) episode!  Courtesy of Saturday Night Live's official YouTube channel!

The singer, who just recently celebrated his 31st Birthday (Oct. 8th), sent this confirmation pic early Friday morning, via Instagram with the caption, "#snl"


Don't forget to tune in to NBC's Saturday Night Live this Saturday with actress, Emily Blunt as Host and Bruno Mars as Musical Guest!

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