Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bruno Mars third Album Release Date!

 Bruno Mars Instagram
Bruno Mars' official cover art for his 3rd album!

Hey out there, Hooligans!

By now we've all heard Bruno's newest single, "24K Magic" ... So worth the (4 year) wait! ... 4 years, Bruno!  4 Years! ...just sayin'!

But, as I said, so worth the wait!  So funky!  So cool!  "So player"!

Thankfully, he won't have us waiting that much longer for the rest of his album! ...

According to different sources, not the the least of which being Brunomars.com, Bruno's third studio album (titled after it's first single, "24K Magic")  is set to be released November 18th!  

That's less than a month from now!

This "third chapter" for Bruno is already off to a great start with his first single, after having been released for only 30 minutes, drew nearly 300 thousand views on the song's official music video on YouTube and, after just one week, has already topped 300 million views!!

So, hooligans, mark your calendars for November 18th!

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